Books Read--2016

Title--Author--Publication Date

Abandoned:  The Story of the Greely Arctic Expedition 1881-1884--Alden Todd--2001

Against the Wall--Alexx Andria--2016

Alien Rights--Nicole Austin--2016

Almost Real--Charlotte Stein--2014

Angel's Halo:  Guardian Angel--Terri Anne Browning--2015

Anywhere--Christin Lovell--2014

April's Fool--Alexis Ayres--2014

As They Rise--Jen Wilde--2015

Baby Fever--Jenkia Snow--2016

Bad Boy Criminal--Olivia Long--2016

Bad Boy Valentine--Celia Aaron--2015

Banging Reaper--Izzy Sweet--2015

Battery Operated Boyfriend--Kelsey Charisma--2012

BEARly Resisting--Jenika Snow--2016

Beast--Sam Crescent and Jenika Snow--2016

Bedding the Babysitter--Sam Crescent--2016

Beefing with the Boxer--Alexis Ayres--2015

Before It Fades--Jen Wilde--2015

Bent, Not Broken--Sam Crescent and Jenika Snow--2015

Beyond Repair--Charlotte Stein--2014

The Billionaire and His Castaway--Alexa Riley--2016

Black Gold--Christa Wick--2015

Blackbird's Fall--Jenika Snow--2015

Bookish--Olivia Long--2016

Bound and Initiated--Emily Tilton--2015

The Boy Next Door--Hazel Kelly--2016

Breaking Him--Sherilee Gray--2016

Breathing Vapor--Cynthia Sax--2015

Brutal Discoveries--Kasey Millstead--2016

Buddhism:  Buddhist Teachings, Beliefs, Finding Enlightenment and Practicing Buddhism--Shalu Sharma--2016

Burned Bridges of Ward, Nebraska--Eileen Curtright--2015

Cake:  A Love Story--J. Bengtsson--2016

The Call of Ice:  Climbing 8000-Meter Peaks in Winter--Simone Moro--2014

Captor--Ember Chase--2015

Captured--Lexi Arabella--2014

The Champ--Jordan Silver--2015

Cherry--Sam Crescent and Jenika Snow--2016

Chestnut Street--Maeve Binchy--2014

Cinco De Drinko--Alexis Ayres--2014

Claimed by the Mountain Man--Frankie Love--2016

Closer--Charlotte Stein--2010

Come Home Bad Boy--Leah Holt--2016

Coto's Captive--Laurann Dohner--2016

Cuffed to the Bad Boy Cop--Lola Rivera--2016

Curve Lullaby--Christa Wick--2014

Curve Major--Christa Wick--2014

Curvy--Alexa Riley--2016

The Curvy Sister--Jordan Bell--2013

Dancing with Myself--Billy Idol--2014

Darkness--Laurann Dohner--2014

Dating a Mob Boss--B.T. Love--2015

The Death of Lila Jane--Teresa Mummert--2016

Denying the Bad Boy--Jenika Snow--2016

Desiring the Forbidden--Megan Michaels--2016

Doubled--Charlotte Stein--2012

Earning Her Love--Hazel Gower--2016

Everest '96--Ken Vernon--2015

Fat--Sam Crescent--2016

The Fifth Son--Elie Wiesel--1985

Flint:  He was as Hard as His Name. . .Until He Met Her--Fran Lee--2015

For the First Time--various authors--2016

Freight Trained--Sarah Curtis--2016

Give Me More--Jenika Snow--2016

Giving It to the Bad Boy--Jenika Snow--2014

Gorgeous--Paul Rudnick--2013

Growling for Mine--Alexa Riley--2016

Guarding His Obsession--Alexa Riley--2016

Hard--Scott Hildreth--2016

Hard as Steel--Sam Crescent and Jenika Snow--2015

Hardened--Ashe Barker--2016

Heartbreaker--Melody Grace--2016

Heavy Issues--Elle Aycart--2012

Her Bad Boy Daddy--Ava Sinclair--2016

Her Big Bad Mistake--Hazel Gower--2014

Her Dad's Friend--Penny Wylder--2016

Her Forbidden Rockstar--Sarah Robinson--2015

Her Sailor--Christin Lovell--2015

His--Jenika Snow--2014

His Indecent Proposal--Lynda Chance--2011

His Little Runaway--Emily Tilton--2016

Hitting on the Hooker--Mina Carter--2013

The Hooker and the Hermit--L.H. Cosway and Penny Reid--2015

The Hunted--H.J. Bellus--2016

Inmate--Lynn Powers--2016

Intrusion--Charlotte Stein--2014

Jailbait--Jessa Kane--2016

Justified--Aurora Rose Reynolds--2014

Killer--Jessica Gadziala--2016

Killer in Him--Sam Crescent--2016

Knocked Out by Love--Abby Niles--2016

Lady Susan--Jane Austen-- originally published 1871

The Last Season--Eric Blehm--2006

Left for Dead--Lexi Cross--2016

Life After the Undead--Pembroke Sinclair--2015

The Life We Bury--Allen Eskens--2014

Loaded--Roxie Noir--2016

The Lost City of Z--David Grann--2010

Loving Deviant--Laurann Dohner--2016

Loving My Neighbor--C.M. Steele--2015

Lukas--Carian Cole--2015

Lumberjack--Jenika Snow--2016

A Mate for the Savage--Jenika Snow-2016

Mike and Megan--Lynda Chance--2011

Monster--Jessica Gadziala--2015

Mr and Mrs--Alexa Riley--2016

The Mystery of Everett Ruess--W.L. Rusho--updated 2010

The Narcissist You Know--Joseph Burgo--2015

Never Loved--Charlotte Stein--2015

Nights of Sin--Sam Crescent--2016

No Choice--C.M. Steele--2015

No Kissing Allowed--Melissa West--2015

No Way Down:  Life and Death on K2--Graham Bowley--2010

No Way Out--C.M. Steele--2016

Obsidian--Laurann Dohner--2012

On Her Knees--Jenika Snow--2016

One Christmas--Christin Lovell--2014

One E-mail--Christin Lovell--2014

One Letter--Christin Lovell--2014

Ordered by the Mountain Man--Frankie Love--2016

The Outsider--Penelope Williamson--1996

Owned by the Alien--Zina Zion--2016

Owned by the Hitman--Alexis Abbott--2016

Owning Skye--Elizabeth Hendricks--2016

Passion--Jordan Silver--2013

Playing by Her Rules--Amy Andrews--2016

Playing with the Prop--Mina Carter--2014

Prisoner of Passion--Diane Greenstone--2016

PS. . .You're Mine--Alexa Riley--2016

Psycho Ex Boyfriend--Ember Chase--2016

Radio Silence--Alyssa Cole--2015

Ravish Her Completely--Jenika Snow--2015

Reader, I Married Him--edited by Tracy Chevalier--2016

Rebound--Jordan Silver--2014

Ride the Wicked Woodsman--Christa Wick--2015

Room with a View--Kylie Scott--2012

Rowdy--Sam Crescent and Jenika Snow--2016

Rule's Seduction--Lynda Chance--2013

Russian Lullaby--Holly Bargo--2016

Savage--Kat Austen--2016

Savage--Marci Fawn and Isabella Starling--2016

Say Uncle--C.M. Steele--2015

Scarred--C.M. Steele--2016

Seduced by the American Millionaire--Lynda Chance--2010

Seduced by the Scrum-Half--Mina Carter--2014

Shameless--Elizabeth Kelly--2016

Shattered Air--Bob Madgic--2011

The Shining Mountain--Peter Boardman--1984

Silver & Chrome--Aubrey St. Clair--2016

Slammed--Teagan Kade--2015

The Special Power of Restoring Lost Things--Courtney Elizabeth Mauk--2016

Stepbrother Catfish--Izzy Sweet--2015

Stepbrother Thief--Violet Blaze--2016

Stepdaddy Savage--Charleigh Rose--2016

Stolen--Jordan Silver--2013

Stolen from the Hitman--Alexis Abbott--2016

The Story of Son--J.R. Ward--(2015 alone; 2008 in Dead After Dark anthology)

Sugar Daddies--Jade West--2016

Summer of My German Soldier--Bette Greene--1973

Sunday Morning--Bijou Hunter--2016

Swagger:  A Stepbrother Romance--Terry Towers--2016

Sweet Abduction--Sasha Gold--2016

Sweet Agony--Charlotte Stein--2015

Tabula Rasa--Kitty Thomas--2016

Tackled--Sabrina Paige--2016

Taken--Charlotte Stein--2015

Taking What He Wants--Jordan Silver--2013

Tease--Mia Carson--2015

Teasing Her Marine Master--Lola Rivera--2015

Thief--Alexa Riley--2016

The Thug--Jordan Silver--2014

Timber:  The Bad Boy's Baby--Frankie Love--2016

Time and Space--Rachel Robinson--2016

Time Served--Julianna Keyes--2015

Trapped in His World--Stella Noir and Roxy Sinclaire--2016

Traveling Mercies:  Some Thoughts on Faith--Anne Lamott--1999

Twice Bossed--Madison Faye--2016

Unbound--Cara McKenna--2013

Vacation--Claire Adams--2016

Valentine from a Soldier--Makenna Jameison--2014

Valiant--Laurann Dohner--2011

Vindication--Sienna Valentine--2015

Virgin--Jenika Snow--2016

Waking Up Dead--Emma Shortt--2013

The Wall of Winnipeg and Me--Mariana Zapata--2016

Wanted--Dead or Alive--Alyssa Alpha--2016

We Come to Our Senses--Odie Lindsey--2016

While We Fall--Jen Wilde--2015

Winning Her Love--Hazel Gower--2014

The Winter Bear's Bride--Mina Carter--2016

Women Loving Prisoners--Sylvia Redmond--2015

Wrecker--Sasha Gold--2016


Anonymous said…
You have me beat by a long shot already. I have only read 18 books this year and only like two of them. Where is your 2015 list?
K, this is my first time/year for keeping a list oddly enough! One of my New Year's goals for 2016.

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