Strawberry shortcake from Venue.  Not something I'd order there again, but interesting to try once.


Becky said…
Okay, the bun and the flower are recognizable, but can you fill me in about the rest?
There's rhubarb in the biscuit, which was not my idea of shortcake, with a rice cake and a very flavorful tapioca. I prefer traditional shortcake with lots of strawberries and whipped cream.
Becky said…
I prefer the sponge cake-type of this strawberry dish; the traditional shortbread biscuit gets too mushy for me. The two elements on the right side of your photo are puzzling. They look like tide pool creatures, one being green and the other looking crystalline like a rock. I'm assuming those were edible?
I'm totally in agreement about lots of strawberries and whipped cream! Yay whipped cream!
Yes, they were actually better than the biscuit. Kind of a rice cake and a spicy type of tapioca.

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