Recent Viewing

Since we dropped our expensive TV package at the end of January, we rely on Netflix when we want to watch TV shows or movies.  Here are some shows I've enjoyed recently.

Wanted(2016- )  An Australian series with a Thelma & Louise vibe.  After being at the bus stop at the wrong time, Lola and Chelsea find themselves on the run from the law. 

The Killing(2011-2014)  Based on a Danish TV series, the American version is set in Seattle.  Police detectives, mayoral candidates, a local tribe with a casino, construction firms, homeless teens, and more interact in this gripping drama series.  I particularly liked the series ending.

Broadchurch(2013-2017)  First the murder of a young boy, and then a series of rapes, in a fictional small, seaside English community, reverberate throughout the village.  My favorite character is DS Ellie Miller (police).


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