Recent Reads

Light Remains:  Three Stories by A.C. Fuller (2017).  Contains three diverse short stories by Fuller:, Can You Hear Me Now?, and The Last Days on Earth of Zelta Jones, Starwoman.  Quick, light read with unique stories and interesting characters.

The Mother's Necklace:  Life and Death on Ama Dablam, the World's Most Beautiful Mountain by Matthew Horan (2018).  Horan's account of training and then climbing Ama Dablam, which translates as "the mother's necklace," a 6850-meter mountain.  His account includes a lot of insight into the desire to climb and compassion for other climbers.

Neighborly:  A Novel by Ellie Monago (2018).  Sort of strange story about Kat, who, along with her husband and baby daughter, moves into the smallest home on a dream block.  Of course, the block isn't actually the slightest bit dreamy, and problems start as soon as their welcome party.  Part Peyton Place, part "you can't escape your past," done with a heavy hand, I had a hard time caring about what happened to any of the characters.


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