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Twist of Faith by Ellen J. Green (2018).  Knowing that she's adopted, Ava pulls a couple of co-workers into her search for her birth mother.  Shrouded in secrets, scandal, and Catholic guilt, and littered with murders past and present, there are no easy answers to Ava's search, and no one is exactly who, or what, they seem.  While the ending can stand on its own, I'm hoping for a sequel.

The Lost Men:  The Harrowing Sage of Shackleton's Ross Sea Party by Kelly Tyler-Lewis (2006).  Set to cache deposits of fuel and food for Shackleton's grand plan for the first crossing of Antarctica, the Ross Sea Party experiences the drudgery of attempting to survive the ice and cold on a limited diet.  Not everyone survives the 1914-1917 journey.  Since every man was tasked with keeping a journal, there are liberal first-hand quotes within the text.  Interesting reading, especially on cold winter nights from inside the safety of modern housing and heating.

What Tomorrow Brings by Jacqueline Druga (2017).  Another post-apocalyptic story from Druga, this one set during a time of nuclear holocaust.  Kit, her two brothers, and her son are flying to her father's funeral when everything starts, prompting a crash landing.  Follow along as the fractured family attempts to reconcile and to, if not survive, at least bring meaning to their lives before they die.


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