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What Remains True by Janis Thomas (2017).  Told in various alternating viewpoints, ranging from the family dog to the spiritual remainder of the family son, readers experience the aftermath of a tragedy that left five-year-old Jonah dead.  Guilt and grief permeate the book, which still manages to bring a sense of hope for the future before the story concludes.

The Distance by Jeremy & Hilaree Robinson (2016).  Strangers August, located in Arizona, and Poe, living in New Hampshire, survive a catastrophic event that turns most of humanity into piles of dust.  After learning through ham radio that Poe is young, pregnant, and alone, August begins a long cross-country journey to reach her.  Why were August, Poe, and others they come across saved?  What happened?  While August's journey drags a little, this book is worth a read for post-apocalyptic fiction fans.

The Last Thing She Ever Did by Gregg Olsen (2018).  The unimaginable happens when Liz accidentally hits her neighbors' three-year-old son, Charlie, with the car.  Lives unwind, true personalities emerge, and relationship fractures appear when everyone thinks Charlie has gone missing. 

10:37 by Jacqueline Druga (2017).  In an instant, most of the world chokes to death.  For whatever reason, a very people survive--some perfectly fine, some in an altered state.  Two healthy survivors, a country singer and a little boy, are brought together.  As hazards continue to arise for survivors, will some people be able to reach a safe zone?  Or is this the end of humanity?


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