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Current Little Pleasures

Spending part of my great-niece SJ's first Thanksgiving with her.

Bad at Love--Halsey

The Free World

Candy canes.

Cyber Monday sales.  (I avoid Black Friday like the Plague.)

Holiday mail time--sending and receiving.

Who Killed Tupac?  from A&E

Outgoing Mail--Sarah in Wisconsin

Hadrian's Wall postcard.

Outgoing Mail--Melyssa in Colorado

English village postcard.

Sweet SJ


Outgoing Mail--Joel in Arizona

A Seascape, Shipping by Moonlight by Claude Monet (1866).

Incoming Mail--Wanda in Canada

Cheerful Lang card and letter.

Incoming Mail--Jenn in Texas

Gorgeous Pomegranate card and letter.

Incoming Mail--Sherri Kay in Wisconsin

Changing it up this year and sharing our Christmas cards.  Here's the first one of the season, sent by one of my longest pen pals.

Outgoing Mail--November 1-15, 2017

Cards and letters to Shirley in Nebraska, Penny in Canada, Sherri Kay in Wisconsin, Claudia in California, Garrett in New Mexico, Becky in Oregon, Kate in Iowa, Dana in North Carolina, Tami in Oregon, Michele in New Mexico, Lee in Scotland, Barbara in South Carolina, Joanna in Poland, Wanda in Canada, Les in Maine, and Laura in Iowa.

Cards to Jenn in Texas, Liz in Iowa, Amanda in New Mexico, Mom in Nebraska, Bobbie in Texas, Andrew in Iowa, Terri in California, Melissa in the UK, and Sue in North Carolina.

Postcards to Hans in Sweden, Sarah in Wisconsin, William in New Mexico, Joel in Arizona, Millie in Alaska, Fish in Taiwan, Mom in Nebraska, Michele in New Mexico, and Jenn in Texas.

Thanksgiving cards to Mom in Nebraska, Laura in Iowa, Becky in Oregon, Michele in New Mexico, Keli in Nebraska, SJ in Iowa, William in New Mexico, Jenn in Texas, Sherri Kay in Wisconsin, Shon in Nebraska, Claudia in California, Steph in Minnesota, and Barbara in South Carolina.

Recent Reads

Lost Highway:  A Horror Romance by Tatiana Xavi and Bijou Hunter (2016).  Odessa, just a regular sort of person, becomes stuck in a harsh, hopeless place with death around every corner.  Her only guide in this new world is Quill, a harsh man who may just be worth this new reality.  Pretty perfect for a quick, dark Halloween-time read.

The Ice Master:  The Doomed 1913 Voyage of the Karluk and the Miraculous Rescue of Her Survivors by Jennifer Niven (2000).  Hoping to be part of exploring the Arctic, several men, a woman, and two children instead become trapped in the ice, slowly dying from hunger, a strange illness, disappearing, and, possibly in one case, even murder.  Those who survive eventually get rescued after two brave men successfully go for help.  The book dragged for me a bit after my favorite person died before rescue; I missed the insights Niven quoted from the journal he left behind.  Overall, an interesting glimpse into a nightmare experience for those involved.

Tears in th…

Incoming Mail--Millie in Alaska

Fun seasonal postcard from a new postcard-only pen pal.

Current Little Pleasures

Girls' weekend in Omaha with Maya and her friend.

Happy Buddha:  Sweet Orange and Cedar Shower Foam from RITUALS

Time for iced or blended peppermint mochas.

Shopping for little gifts for Maya's Japanese pen pal.  They were matched through their schools, and we're hoping she can stay with us for a few days this summer.

The flock of wild turkeys, foxes, and other assorted wildlife entertaining us this fall.

Thanksgiving plans to visit my sister.

Hallmark Channel's Countdown to Christmas is back!

Sweet SJ

And today she's probably helping Mama spoil Daddy on his 29th birthday.  Wish I could be there to celebrate with my nephew.

Outgoing Mail--October 16-31, 2017

Cards and Letters to Steph in Minnesota, Michele in New Mexico, and Wanda in Canada.

Letters to Lee in the UK, Barbara in South Carolina, Michele in New Mexico, and Terri in California.

Postcards to Millie in Alaska, Joel in Arizona, Trysha in Alabama, Sarah in Wisconsin, and Jenn in Texas.

Halloween cards to Iris in Oregon, Barbara in South Carolina, Mom in Nebraska, SJ in Iowa, William in New Mexico, Shon in Nebraska, Sherri Kay in Wisconsin, Sue in North Carolina, Liz in Iowa, Amanda in New Mexico, Becky in Oregon, Kate in Iowa, Keli in Nebraska, Limner in Texas, Andrew in Iowa, Billy in Wisconsin, Kym in Colorado, Laura in Iowa, Michele in New Mexico, Tami in Oregon, Jenn in Texas, Terri in California, Liz in Iowa, Steph in Minnesota, and Garrett in New Mexico.