Recent Reads

Colorado 14er Disasters:  Victims of the Game by Mark Scott-Nash (2009).  Covers some of the disasters experienced by climbers, from very experienced to novice, while climbing one of Colorado's 14,000-foot-plus mountains.  Good reminder of the way mistakes and/or bad decisions, often combined with thinking affected by altitude, can culminate in severe injuries or death.

The Climb Up to Hell by Jack Olsen (1962).  Detailed analysis of the 1957 climb of the Eiger (Swiss Alps) in which two pairs (two Germans and two Italians) crossed paths on the climb.  Only one climber survived the Eiger, unleashing scandal and mystery that reverberates even today.  Olsen's account reads like an engrossing novel.

The Devil in Whitechapel:  The Untold Story of Jack the Ripper by Robert Keller (2016).  Well-researched information regarding the series of 1888 murders of prostitutes in London's East End.  While eliminating some suspects, Keller doesn't pretend to have an answer to the true identity of Jack the Ripper.


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