Gabriel Iglesias--July 29, 2017

I had so much fun seeing comedian Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias at the Buffalo County Fair in Kearney, Nebraska, on Saturday night with my goddaughter, Shon.  Lots of firsts--first road trip with Shon, first live comedy show, first trip to the Archway. . . .  And Fluffy made me laugh until I cried.  The show was seriously magical.

This is what Fluffy had to say about that night:

fluffyguyKearney, Nebraska 😳 I'm never forgetting this crazy ass night as long as I live! I can't wait to come back 😃#VinnyGotLoose #CubanRescue #GhettoTattooGuy #Huskers #CornIsMoney #BigRed #AlfredAlmostGotFired #CloseTheDoor

Can't wait to see him live again!


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