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After You Left by Carol Mason (2017).  On her honeymoon, Alice wakens to find her husband gone, leaving only a note that explains nothing.  After returning to her job in an art gallery, Alice meets Evelyn, an older woman who has a life story that is exactly what Alice needs to hear to come to terms with her own life.  This is a story of love, in its many forms, and how your life unfolds in sometimes surprising ways based on your choices and those of the people around you.  After finding the book a little slow to start, the story of the two women as they became friends and learned about each other really captured my attention.  Although the ending was perfect--sad and hopeful, all at once--I didn't want to leave Alice, Evelyn, and their special friendship.

Beyond Repair by Charlotte Stein (2014).  At least my fourth re-read of one of my favorite books.  Stein tends to create interesting, flawed characters who mesh in all the right ways, and a lot of the chemistry comes from the internal and external dialogues.  This story about a troubled movie star at his lowest point who meets a very damaged young woman is no exception.  As often happens in Stein's books, they bring out the strengths in each other as they form a relationship.

Hard Time by Cara McKenna (2014).  Another re-read of one of my favorite books.  Romance blooms through letters between an inmate and the public librarian who spends a day a week working with the prisoners.  What happens when their relationship has the chance to become more than just one on paper?  Steamy, excellent read about two imperfect people unexpectedly finding each other.

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