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Showing posts from June, 2017


Incoming Mail--Michele in New Mexico

Leanin' Tree card from my sister.

Sunken Gardens--6/24/2017

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Incoming Mail--Wanda in Canada

More great Canadian stamps.

Incoming Mail--Liz in Virginia

Sweet face on the back of the envelope.

Sweet William

On vacation at Lake Okoboji, Iowa, in May.

Outgoing Mail--June 1-15, 2017

Cards and Letters to Kerry in Ireland, Lauren in New York, and Penny in Canada.

Letters to Joanna in Poland, Michele in New Mexico, and Sherri Kay in Wisconsin.

Cards to William in New Mexico and SJ in Iowa.

Postcards to Liz in Iowa, William in New Mexico, Jenn in Texas, and Joel in Arizona.

Sweet SJ

Maya and SJ at SJ's house.

Incoming Mail--Joanna in Poland

Gorgeous stamp on a card.

Wise Words

Outgoing Mail--May 16-31, 2017

Letters to Karen in Wisconsin, Steph in Minnesota, Les in Maine, Jenn in Texas, Michele in New Mexico, Barbara in South Carolina, Wanda in Canada, and Sherri Kay in Wisconsin.

Card to Sue in North Carolina.

Postcards to Katie in Iowa, Sherri Kay in Wisconsin, Joel in Arizona, Fish in Taiwan, Jenn in Texas, Steph in Minnesota, and William in New Mexico.