Happy Birthday to ME!

I love birthdays. 

I turn 47 today, so please leave a comment about a favorite birthday memory (yours or a time you spent with someone else) to get a spot in a drawing for a $47 online gift card to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Etsy (winner's choice).  You have until 5 p.m. CST on Thursday, March 2, to comment.


Nicole Ferguson said…
My favourite birthday was my 20th. It was my first birthday spent with my now husband. He spoiled me with an orchid and friends DVD seasons. Later that night he proposed out in the cold snow . 13 years later and two kids it was the best thing that happened to me on a birthday! Happy 47th! I hope this year brings lots of great things your way!
Jen said…
Happy Birthday! :D I've truly enjoyed all of my birthdays, but a standout one was when I teamed up with two other friends who had birthdays around mine, and we threw a giant bonfire party on the beach! All of our groups of friends had been seperate, so we had a huge turnout, and it was wonderful to see everybody leave having formed new friendships! :D
Kat Riley said…
My favorite birthday so far was my 30th this last year. We invited a whole bunch of people (most of which didn't even show up despite rsvp-ing) and went to our local bowling alley for cosmo bowling (laser light show). We didn't care how many people were there, they missed an awesome time. I broke 100 pts for the 2nd time in my life and was very proud of myself. Now unless you count my 5th birthday(I don't remember it) when my parents decided to take my brother and myself to Vegas, then this is my favorite haha!
Tamra Orr said…
Happy birthday, my friend! How generous of you to give someone else a gift to celebrate your special day. I have had a lot of great birthdays, but a favorite one was three years ago when my family surprised me by taking me to the coast for the day. I loved it because we were all together (not easy when the kids are all in their 20s and love to travel!) and we did simple things, like sitting by the ocean and feeding the squirrels hiding in the rocks, going to tourist trap stores and giggling over the different souvenirs, and sitting in the parking lot of the brand new Goodwill and eating lunch before seeing what treasures might be waiting inside. Definitely a wonderful, wonderful day.
Happy Birthday to you! I hope you have a fantastic day. My favorite birthday was my 24th birthday because we were so poor that I understood it was the emotional things that counted most in life. My husband made some Campbell's Chicken Gumbo soup and added a little bit of ground beef and some mustard and ketchup and it tasted divine. It was my last "innocent" year too because in the following year my father and one of my sisters died. Being 24 and poor and having a full family and a life to anticipate was exciting.
Lynn ann Lassen said…
Happy Birthday you of the generous spirit! my best birthday memory is of my 25th when a friend gave me a surprise birthday party. the only one I've had in 61 years. I felt so special and loved that day.
Limner said…
Pretend I'm Stevie Wonder as you read: Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Bir-r-thday! Happy Bir-r-r-thday!
Repeat 47 times.

I don't recall having had a single birthday celebration as a child. My co-workers gave me my first birthday party, with cake and gifts, when I turned 21. The party was in the stock room of the department store where I worked. Talk about being surprised! I didn't have another one until the year I became a mother. Birthday celebrations, however small or grand, express how someone feels about you having been born into this great big world. It's a wonderful feeling. I know your mister and Maya will show you how wonderful their world is with you in it. They show you every day. Happy Birthday.

Keli said…
Happy Birthday!

One of my favorite birthdays was spent with my BFF. She took me to Kansas City to World's of Fun and we rode a roller coaster, I think named the Timber Wolf, it was all wood. SCARED THE LIVING CRAP OUT OF ME! Thought for sure I was going to die when my butt came off the seat! After that, I don't remember riding a ton of rides but we walked around, shopped, ate and just enjoyed the day!

Love you!

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