Current Little Pleasures

Joe and Barack Memes  (I *think* these are funny, regardless of your political views.)

Buying new address labels, notecards, notepads, stickers, and postage stamps for Christmas

Looking ahead--baby shower for my nephew and his girlfriend in 10 days

Spending last night in the '80s and '90s, so to speak, via YouTube music videos (The Cars, Billy Idol, Madonna, N2Deep, Monifah, 2Pac, NWA, DMX, Loverboy, Aldo Nova, Bubba Sparxxx, Too Shy, The Deele, Father MC, Nu Shooz, Digital Underground, Romeo Void--you get the idea)

Letter from a new pen pal  (Hi, Joanna!)

Ice cream for dinner on a night when I only had to worry about myself


Joanna said…
I think it's about me? I'm glad and I'm waiting for a letter from you :)

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Current Little Pleasures

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