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Incoming Mail--Mom

Postcards from my mom's trip to New Mexico last week.

Want a Card?

Want a Christmas card, a New Year's 2017 card, or both?  Leave a comment here or e-mail me at with your name and address.

Current Little Pleasures

Dutch apple pie and Cornish game hens for Thanksgiving yesterday.

Time off work now (November 19-27) and again next month (December 24-January 2).  Whoot!

Currently watching the Iowa-Nebraska (college football) game with Iowa fan Maya.  At least the rabid Iowa fan, my mom, is watching in New Mexico with my sister, who couldn't care less about the results of the game.

Bracelets and mail from Uganda.

2017 calendars and planners.  I love looking at them.

Binge-watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix with Maya.  We're only on S4, though.

Happy Thanksgiving


Incoming Mail--Becky in Oregon

Papyrus peacock card.

Incoming Mail--Sue in North Carolina

Timree card.

Incoming Mail--Wanda in Canada

Queen Elizabeth II postcard.

Incoming Mail--Fish in Taiwan

Letter mailed by Fish from Nepal.

Sweet William


Incoming Mail--Michele in New Mexico

Back of the envelope for a letter from my sister.



Current Little Pleasures

Joe and Barack Memes  (I *think* these are funny, regardless of your political views.)

Buying new address labels, notecards, notepads, stickers, and postage stamps for Christmas

Looking ahead--baby shower for my nephew and his girlfriend in 10 days

Spending last night in the '80s and '90s, so to speak, via YouTube music videos (The Cars, Billy Idol, Madonna, N2Deep, Monifah, 2Pac, NWA, DMX, Loverboy, Aldo Nova, Bubba Sparxxx, Too Shy, The Deele, Father MC, Nu Shooz, Digital Underground, Romeo Void--you get the idea)

Letter from a new pen pal  (Hi, Joanna!)

Ice cream for dinner on a night when I only had to worry about myself

Outgoing Mail--November 1-15, 2016

Cards and Letters to Barbara in South Carolina, Liz in Iowa, Sherri Kay in Wisconsin, Michele in New Mexico, Laura in Iowa, and Wanda in Canada.

Letters to Claudia in California, Sherri Kay in Wisconsin, Penny in Canada, Michele in New Mexico, and Ann in Pennsylvania.

Cards to Andrew in Iowa, Jenn in Texas, Sue in North Carolina, Barbara in South Carolina, Shane in Kansas, Claudia in California, Mom in Nebraska, Norma in Oklahoma, Kym in Colorado, Terri in California, Greg in Nebraska, Becky in Oregon, Limner in Texas, Steph in Minnesota, Les in Maine, Dana in North Carolina, and Mom in South Carolina.

Postcards to Becky in Oregon, Limner in Texas, Laura in Iowa, William in New Mexico, Steph in Minnesota, Ann in Pennsylvania, Shane in Kansas, Shon in Nebraska, Joel in Arizona, Mom in Nebraska, Fish in Taiwan, Michele in New Mexico, Keli in Nebraska, and Jenn in Texas.

Sweet William


Current Little Pleasures

Cute trick-or-treaters who came to our door on Halloween

Peppermint mocha season is back!!

Hallmark Channel Christmas movies

Helping with the preparations for my nephew and his girlfriend's baby shower at the end of the month

Guacamole and chips

Two breaks from work coming--November 19-27 and December 24-January 2

Stationery--Roxy Benton Designs

Thanksgiving and Christmas labels just ordered from a great place to find address labels and other products like invitations, Roxy Benton Designs.  Great designs, quality products, and quick delivery.Shop online here.


I am one of the, by latest count, 59,755,284 that voted for Hillary Clinton.  I am in the majority, which would count for something in a true democracy.
I agree with Donald Trump, who tweeted in 2012, "The Electoral College is a disaster for a democracy."  Truly ironic, circa 2016. 
The current disaster leaves the United States with a future President who came across during the election process as:
 Misogynistic Racist
Homophobic Xenophobic Islamophobic
Tax-dodging Financially irresponsible Entitled Tempermental
Disrespectful to a Muslim Gold Star family, a disabled reporter, Mexican men, every woman ever who does more than appear at his side in silent, ornamental fashion.
A disaster, but, yet again, we have to move forward with reality, no matter how dark and terrifying, on January 20, 2017.
For now, I grieve.


Snow snuggling on my husband's jacket while he is at work.  Herb is a dog whisperer.

Incoming Mail--Claudia in California

Gorgeous sunflower mosaic card and letter from Claudia, who blogs over at Moncy3.

Maya and Violet--Election Day 2016

Completely exhausted from waiting to hear whether our next President is Hillary or Trump.

Recent Reads

BiblioTech:  Why Libraries Matter More than Ever in the Age of Google by John Palfrey (2015).  Something I read for work/career that didn't meet my expectations.  I hope for some new information in argument for making the case for libraries, but I didn't find anything here.  I still think the current and future comes down more to *librarians* than *libraries* with the value librarians' skills bring to the table.

Love in the Light by Laura Kaye (2016).  Disappointing sequel to Hearts in Darkness (2013), one of my favorite romance reads.  After focusing solely on the couple's meeting in a dark, stopped elevator, where they had the chance to talk and really get to know each other, in the first book, the second book deals with facing day-to-day reality with each other.  Makenna's family plays a role, and Caden's tragic past complicates their present, possibly eliminating their chance at a future together.

Give Me More and Take Me Under by Jenika Snow (2016).  The fir…

Des Moines, Iowa, 10/22-24/2016


Incoming Mail--Fish in Taiwan

Postcard of the ornate Royal bath of Sundari Chowk at Patan Durbar Square in Nepal.

Incoming Mail--Penny in Canada

Gorgeous fall scene in this Nova Scotia postcard.

Giving Back

Fundraiser for the Capital Humane Society at MoMo this Saturday, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Outgoing Mail--October 16-31, 2016

Cards and Letters to Claudia in California, Wanda in Canada, Michele in New Mexico, and Laura in Iowa.

Letters to Sherri Kay in Wisconsin, Barbara in South Carolina, Fish in Taiwan, Jenn in Texas, Wanda in Canada, Leslie in Maine, and Michele in New Mexico.

Cards to Sue in North Carolina, Andrew in Iowa, Shane in Kansas, Garrett in New Mexico, Keli in Nebraska, Michele in New Mexico, Liz in Iowa, and Amanda in New Mexico.

Postcards to Keli in Nebraska, Fish in Taiwan, Kym in Colorado, Dmitry in Russia, my mom in Nebraska, Terri in California, Dana in North Carolina, Joel in Arizona, and Ann in Pennsylvania.