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Happy Halloween!

Pumpkin Carving--10/30/2016

Photos courtesy of Keli.

Incoming Mail--Barbara in South Carolina

Decorated envelope.

Sweet William

"Why is Atticus wearing my dinosaur head??"


Maya six years ago.

Incoming Mail--Jenn in Texas

Incoming Mail--Jenn in Texas

Incoming Mail--Michele in New Mexico

Outgoing Mail--October 1-15, 2016

Letter and card to Michele in New Mexico.

Letters to Penny in Canada, Steph in Minnesota, Sherri Kay in Wisconsin, and Michele in New Mexico.

Cards to Becky in Oregon, Sue in North Carolina, Mom in Nebraska, William in New Mexico, Laura in Iowa, Liz in Iowa, Shon in Nebraska, Kym in Colorado, and Norma in Oklahoma.

Postcards to Penny in Canada, Michele in New Mexico, Joel in Arizona, Becky in Oregon, and Wanda in Canada.

Incoming Mail--Sue in North Carolina

Lovely fall Timree card.

Sweet William

Incoming Mail--Michele in New Mexico

Leanin' Tree card and letter from my sister.

Incoming Mail--Fish in Taiwan

Postcard of a traditional house near Pokhara, Nepal.

Incoming Mail--Fish in Taiwan

Area in Nepal devastated by the

Recent Reads

Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen (2016).  Must-read autobiography for any fans of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.  Even with as personal as his songs have always seemed, Springsteen reveals even more of himself in the memoir he spent seven years writing.  I wish my brother-in-law, arguably one of the biggest Springsteen fans ever, had lived long enough to read the book.

Roman Crazy by Alice Clayton and Nina Bocci (2016).  Facing divorce, Avery decides to spend the summer in Italy with her best friend, Daisy.  Imagine her surprise when she finds "the one who got away" at the party Daisy throws to welcome her.  Is Avery's Roman summer a rebound of sorts, or is she starting on her new life? 

Messengers of God:  Biblical Portraits and Legends by Elie Wiesel (1985 reissue).  As seen through the lens of the late Wiesel, the stories of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and Moses.  The main chapters are based on lectures he gave at locations like the Sor…

Sweet William

One more Balloon Fiesta photo.

Current Little Pleasures

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children--movie and book.

Background presence for Maya and her friends when we host sleepovers.

Belgian waffles from IHOP.

Almay Anti-aging skincare products.

Dove milk chocolate with almonds ice cream bars.

My favorite season, autumn, is here.  I love bonfires and s'mores, Halloween and Thanksgiving, pumpkins and apples, apple cider, high school and college football, cooler temperatures and crisp air, the changing color of the leaves, sweaters, and snuggling with the dogs in front of the fireplace.

My nephew and his girlfriend learned they're having a girl, and the due date is close enough to my birthday that I can hope for a birthday twin great-niece!!!

Incoming Mail--Becky in Oregon

Gettysburg National Military Park postcard with lovely fall foliage.  RIP, soldiers on both sides of the Civil War.

Incoming Mail--Limner in Texas

Postcard artwork by the talented Limner, who blogs over at Oh, Write Me!

Incoming Mail--Penny in Canada

Madeleine Islands postcard.

Balloon Fiesta--10/1/2016

Outgoing Mail--September 16-31, 2016

Letter and Card to Michele in New Mexico.

Letters to Tami in Oregon, Michele in New Mexico, Ann in Pennsylvania, Barbara in South Carolina, Dana in North Carolina, Garrett in New Mexico, Jenn in Texas, William in New Mexico, Liz in Iowa, Vicky in Ohio, and Sherri Kay in Wisconsin.

Cards to Sue in North Carolina and Laura in Iowa.

Postcards to Norma in Oklahoma, my mom in Nebraska, Fish in Taiwan, Garrett in New Mexico, Dana in North Carolina, Michele in New Mexico, Terri in California, Sue in North Carolina, Keli in Nebraska, Kym in Colorado, and Joel in Arizona.