Current Little Pleasures

Fields of August sunflowers on our drive through the back roads of Colorado.

One week of seventh grade successfully completed by Maya.

Winning a prize from the Kittling: Books blog.

Seeing some family in Iowa at my brother-in-law's service that I haven't seen in years--and may never see again, for at least some of them.

Guacamole--with chips or bread or just plain.

Property Brothers on HGTV.

Upstream Brewing Company in Omaha's Old Market.

Made in Colorado Shoppe in Pagosa Springs--really cool scenic photos cards, tons of postcards, and fun wildlife notepads.

Fall cleaning.  So far, from just Maya's room, we donated two bags of stuff, tossed a bag of stuff, and recycled a bag of stuff.  Freeing!!

My niece moved into her first home in Iowa last month, and my nephew and his girlfriend move into their first home in Iowa next month.  Big life steps!

Pumpkin seeds.  Autumn, my favorite season, is coming.  Soon, soon, soon.


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Current Little Pleasures

Current Little Pleasures

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