Highlights--Colorado Trip--July 12-21, 2016

Iowa family on trip:  my sister Laura and my niece Liz

New Mexico family on trip:  my sister Michele, my brother-in-law Todd, my niece Amanda, and my great-nephew William

Nebraska family on trip:  my mom, Maya, and me

Maya's highlights--pretty much everything she did.  Jeeping in the "real mountains" (some snow required to be a real mountain, according to Maya) with Todd, Michele, and Liz.  Rafting with everyone except Amanda and William.  Manicure with Liz.  Hot springs three times with Laura, Liz, and Amanda.  Horseback riding with Laura, Michele, Amanda, and Liz.  Chatting.  Shopping.  Eating out.  Playing with William.

My mom's highlights:  Being with everyone.  Rafting.  A break from the humidity in Nebraska.  The "scenic route" (longer route west of I-25) back to Denver from Pagosa Springs.

My highlights:  Plenty of together time.  Watching William with Todd and my mom while everyone else went horseback riding.  Rafting.  Karaoke with Laura, Amanda, Liz, and Jake from rafting at The Break Room.  Eating at Marconi's and having coffee at Higher Grounds.  Writing postcards by the San Juan River in downtown Pagosa Springs.  Hot-air balloon viewing from the timeshare's patio.  Stopping to shop in North Platte, Nebraska. 

When can we go again??


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