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Reader, I Married Him:  Stories Inspired by Jane Eyre edited by Tracy Chevalier (2016).  Short stories by authors like Esther Freud, Tessa Hadley, Joanna Briscoe, and Lionel Shriver.  Not nearly as dazzling as Charlotte Bronte's original Jane Eyre, the stories are still varied in tone and style.

The One by Kiera Cass (2015).  Highly recommended by Maya, who read this book in one afternoon.  Third book in the Selection series.  Love story and fantasy wrapped together with a strong, young heroine named America.

You Already Know:  Twelve Erotic Stories by Charlotte Stein (2016).  Stories previously published in various collections.  My favorite is the first story, though there's likely something for every romance reader in this collection.  Stein remains one of my all-time favorite authors.

The Shining Mountain by Peter Boardman (1979).  Boardman's account of his 1976 climb of India's Changabang with Joe Tasker.  Winner of the 1979 John Llewelyn Rhys Prize.  Particularly bittersweet reading since the duo disappeared while climbing on Mt. Everest eight years after their success on Changabang.



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