Current Little Pleasures

Mom's rhubarb pie.  You know that would be on the list, didn't you?

Herb brought some beautiful Myrtle Beach postcards back for me after his trip to visit his mom and tons of other family about fifty miles from MB.

Chicken tortilla soup from Lazlo's Brewery and Grill.  Big chunks of avocado and not too spicy.

Lovely card from Maya for Mother's Day, plus a three-day weekend.

Lots of end-of-the-year fun for Maya--bowling, book presentation to her subject, fun day, etc.  Hard to believe her first year of middle school, sixth grade, ends on May 19.

My third nomination for the Friend of Nursing award at the hospital where I work.  I won in 2007, and I can't win again.  Such an honor to be nominated, though!

My goddaughter, Shon, turned 25 on April 23.  A quarter century--zoom, gone in a blink of the eye.


Claudia Aguilar said…
I like these posts!
Rebecca Souders said…
Me, too, Maria.... brings you closer.

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Current Little Pleasures

Current Little Pleasures

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