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Everest '96 by Ken Vernon (2015).  Summary of the South African team's experience during the tragic Everest climbing season of 1996.  Journalist Vernon, on the team as a representative of the sponsoring South African newspaper, confirms, yet expands, the negative image of Ian Woodall and Cathy O'Dowd presented in other climbing books about the season.  Despite the need of a good proofreader, the book should be of interest to anyone fascinated by the 1996 Everest tragedy.

Radio Silence by Alyssa Cole (2015).  First in a trilogy that includes Signal Boost and Mixed Signals.  Although no one knows why, electricity stops working, and polite veneer of society quickly disintegrated.  We meet roommates and best friends Arden and John in the woods, attempting to reach John's family's cabin.  What happens when they reach the cabin?  Are they safe now?  Interesting, well-rounded characters pulled me into quickly buying the other books in the trilogy.

Heartbreaker by Melody Grace (2016).  I wanted to like this second chance at love story, but I just didn't feel the chemistry.  Eva, working a dead-end job in a small real estate agency, is shocked to learn their latest client is her secret high-school sweetheart, the one who left without even a good-bye, Finn.  Now a world-famous rock star, Finn's back for Eva.  Pet peeve:  Eva really had no clue those great love-lost lyrics in his songs were about her???


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