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Waking Up Dead by Emma Shortt (2013).  Quick-moving, relatable take on the post-apocalypse aftermath.  I already have the next book in the series downloaded to read.

Doubled by Charlotte Stein (2012).  Once buried in my TBR digital pile, I'm glad I finally read this one.  Stein actually makes a love triangle involving twin brothers and the woman who is their best friend work.  Explicit sexual content.

Charlotte in Love by Brian Wilks (1999).  The story of Charlotte Bronte and her brief marriage to Arthur Bell Nicholls.  The only one of the Bronte children to marry, Charlotte, the last of the Bronte children, died while six months pregnant.  At least her husband was there to care for Charlotte's father after her death.  Interesting read on the fascinating author of Jane Eyre.

The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan (2010).  Maya's learning a lot about Egyptian mythology from this series, and she devoured this first book quickly.  Highly recommended by her for middle school readers.

Shattered Air by Bob Madgic (2005).  Account of lightning strike tragedy on Yellowstone's Half-Dome in 1985.  Interesting, but too much, and too detailed, background information to wade through.


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