Happy Birthday to ME!

Today is my 46th birthday.  As part of my celebration, please leave a comment with (a) your birthday (month and day) and (b) an e-mail address for requesting your postal address on this post.  Everyone who comments within the next two weeks/before March 9 gets a little surprise in the mail. . . .


Anonymous said…
I'm pretty sure you don't need my birthday, but here it is anyway: Febr. 25, 1943.... 73 years young this week! I'm celebrating with my whole family, including sister Marty, who is flying here today! Happy Birthday, Maria..... thinking of you and hoping you have a fine day today!
Keli said…
Happy birthday to my wonderful BFF!
July 25-- shuddrbug@gmail.com
I had a wonderful time at lunch!! xoxox
Claudia Aguilar said…
Happy Birthday my dear!! You are too cute! Sept-9 is the magic date I will be 45 this year yikes I just remembered my 45 by 45 list!! Hope you enjoyed your day!
Heather Blackstock said…
Happy birthday Maria I hope you had an amazing day
Anonymous said…
How sweet of you to sends treats on your birthday. :)
Birth Month: August email:Craveinc@gmail.com

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