Reading Self-Challenge 2016

Someone in a book reading subgroup of a letter-writing group I belong to is promoting a fun reading challenge for the year.  They have prizes for reaching various levels of the challenge (complete 12, 24, etc.), plus a special prize for hitting 52 categories.  (One category per book read, even though many books will cover more than one category.)

I think this challenge could easily be done on an individual basis, either with or without self-prizes (massage?  that special piece of jewelry?), too.  I don't belong to the book reading subgroup, so I decided to create my own 52 suggestions for anyone interested in pursuing a self-challenge.

If you decide to pursue the self-challenge, let me know, and keep me posted on how you're doing, please.  I'll let you know how I'm doing, too.

Read a Book

  1. Where the first word in the title starts with the letter J
  2. With a mostly blue cover
  3. Where a water word is included in the title (examples--river, lake, water, rain)
  4. By an author who shares either your first name or your last name
  5. Published in 2016
  6. That is a collection of short stories, either by the same author or various authors
  7. To a child or a pet
  8. That is a collection of poetry, either by the same poet or various poets
  9. That is a collection of quotes
  10. By a deceased author
  11. Included in The Penguin Classics Library Complete Collection
  12. That won an award (examples--Newbery, National Book Award, Golden Sower)
  13. That interested you just on the basis of the cover
  14. From a genre you don't normally read (examples--historical fiction, biography, science fiction, romance, mystery)
  15. That is a graphic novel
  16. Set in a country you've always wanted to visit
  17. Written by an author with Nebraska connections (examples--Willa Cather, Rainbow Rowell, Alex Kava, Nicholas Sparks)
  18. Where the author's last name starts with the letter R
  19.  On The Telegraph's list of 20 Best British and Irish Novels of All Time
  20.  Set in the Middle East
  21. That is a biography or autobiography of a famous Nebraskan (examples--Montgomery Clift, Gerald Ford, Red Cloud, Susette La Flesche, Warren Buffett, Johnny Carson) 
  22. Recommended by a friend
  23. About one of your hobbies or interests (examples--knitting, photography, dogs, volunteering, swimming)
  24. Published in 2015
  25. From your TBR list
  26. With five or more words in the title
  27. Where the author's first and last names begin with the same letter 
  28. Translated into English from another language
  29. Originally published in the 19th century
  30. About a particular religion
  31. From the ALA's Frequently Challenged Books list
  32. With a one-word title
  33. Based on a true crime
  34. Set in the distant future
  35. With a teenage hero or heroine
  36. Later turned into a movie
  37. Revolving around an exchange of letters
  38. Set during a war
  39. Written by a first-time author
  40. That is a multi-published author's first book
  41. With a number in the title
  42. That is the first book in a series of three or more books
  43. About someone you admired as a child
  44. Related to improving interpersonal relations
  45. You read and enjoyed as a child or young adult
  46. With a color in the title
  47. Set in either a dystopian or utopian world
  48. Set in Russia
  49. Related to travel
  50. Related to cooking
  51. Set in your favorite place to visit
  52. Related to your job


Keli said…
What a creative FUN idea! I may have to try some of your suggestions when I feel I "don't have anything to read". <3

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