Current Little Pleasures

I've been blogging regularly on my work-related book club blog.  Check it out!

My new Samsung phone.  I'm used to a smaller cell phone, but I'm sure I'll be thrilled once I adjust to the larger size.

Making plans for a couple of weekend trips in 2016--my niece's college graduation in Iowa in May with my mom and Maya and Branson and Silver Dollar City in Missouri in May with Maya and her dance company.  Still hoping to get my nieces and nephews and Maya all in one place for the first time since 2009, too, and actually meet my great-nephew.

The Daphne's Diary day planner my sister gave me for Christmas.  Warning--dangerous shopping link if you like papery products!

Having dogs in our home again.  Great love and joy in two little packages.


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Current Little Pleasures

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