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Current Little Pleasures

Having a laundry room on the main floor of our house.  Call me lazy, but it is so much more convenient than a basement laundry room.

Soup--tomato, potato, broccoli and cheese, Tuscan chicken.  Yum!

Hand towels from my mom--black with beautiful tulips.  A little spring in the middle of winter.

HGTV shows about finding homes, doing renovations, etc.

Spring-like days right before a projected blizzard.  Golden!

Mail from good friends and family.  Always.

Month of Letters Challenge

Since it's almost February, that means the annual Month of Letters challenge is about to start.  Basically, you send a piece of mail every day that the mail service runs over the month.  Interested?Go to the official site to learn more.



Incoming Mail--Becky in Oregon

Lovely Kathy Davis card.

Incoming Mail--Sherri Kay in Wisconsin

Handmade card and letter.

Incoming Mail--Fish in Taiwan

Gorgeous envelope.

Incoming Mail--Fish in Taiwan

Cool New Year's card for the Year of the Monkey.

Current Little Pleasures

I've been blogging regularly on my work-related book club blog.  Check it out!

My new Samsung phone.  I'm used to a smaller cell phone, but I'm sure I'll be thrilled once I adjust to the larger size.

Making plans for a couple of weekend trips in 2016--my niece's college graduation in Iowa in May with my mom and Maya and Branson and Silver Dollar City in Missouri in May with Maya and her dance company.  Still hoping to get my nieces and nephews and Maya all in one place for the first time since 2009, too, and actually meet my great-nephew.

The Daphne's Diary day planner my sister gave me for Christmas.  Warning--dangerous shopping link if you like papery products!

Having dogs in our home again.  Great love and joy in two little packages.

Outgoing Mail--January 1-15, 2016

Letters and cards to Becky in Oregon, my niece in New Mexico, Tami in Oregon, Sherri Kay in Wisconsin, Amy in California, Amanda in the UK, and Wanda in Canada.

Letters to my sister in New Mexico and Barbara in South Carolina.

Cards to Kelly in Minnesota, my goddaughter in Nebraska, my niece in Iowa, and my nephew in New Mexico.

Postcards to Joel in Arizona, Jenn in Texas, and Becky in Oregon.

Incoming Mail--Becky in Oregon

Sweet card from one of my favorite people on the planet.

Incoming Mail--Kelly in Minnesota

Pretty paper from a new pen friend.

Incoming Mail--Michele in New Mexico


Sweet William

My great-nephew turns 7 months old at the end of next week.

Best Friends


Incoming Mail--Tami in Oregon

Lovely card made by Tami with a great quote.

Maya with Violet and Snow


Current Little Pleasures

White Iverson by Post Malone

Method cleaner in pink grapefruit scent
Twix with gingerbread cookies
Z Nation TV series

Kind Words Stationery

Looking at Christmas lights and decorations

Gingerbread houses

Reading Self-Challenge 2016

Someone in a book reading subgroup of a letter-writing group I belong to is promoting a fun reading challenge for the year.  They have prizes for reaching various levels of the challenge (complete 12, 24, etc.), plus a special prize for hitting 52 categories.  (One category per book read, even though many books will cover more than one category.)

I think this challenge could easily be done on an individual basis, either with or without self-prizes (massage?  that special piece of jewelry?), too.  I don't belong to the book reading subgroup, so I decided to create my own 52 suggestions for anyone interested in pursuing a self-challenge.

If you decide to pursue the self-challenge, let me know, and keep me posted on how you're doing, please.  I'll let you know how I'm doing, too.

Read a Book
Where the first word in the title starts with the letter JWith a mostly blue coverWhere a water word is included in the title (examples--river, lake, water, rain)By an author …

Lazy New Year's Weekend


Outgoing Mail--December 16-31, 2015

Cards and letters to Wanda in Canada, Sherri Kay in Wisconsin, my sister in Iowa, Tami in Oregon, Jenn in Texas, Barbara in South Carolina, Dana in North Carolina, Penny in Canada, my sister in New Mexico (2), and Claudia in California.

Letters to Sherri Kay in Wisconsin and my mom in Nebraska.
Cards to Becky in Oregon, Jenn in Texas, my mom in Nebraska, Wanda in Canada, and Sue in North Carolina (2).
Postcards to Jenn in Texas and Joel in Arizona.
Some New Year's cards!