Snow, Maya, and Violet--12/13/2015

Snow, an eight-year-old Chihuahua, joined the family on Sunday.  Herb works with the previous owners' niece.  They wrote the sweetest letter to send along with Snow, and I'm sad for how heartbroken they sound.

Snow and Violet are still adjusting to each other.  Basically, Snow pretends Violet doesn't exist, and Violet follows Snow everywhere.
The one place Violet can't follow Snow--the small ledge at the top of the family room sofa.


Claudia Aguilar said…
New family members! How exciting!!
phonelady said…
yes we are sad too we had to give a big boy back to his original owners because he wanted to use the chis for a chew toy and they were not having that . it is very sad when you have to see them go .

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