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Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper (2010).  Maya and I read this book from her school library together.  Melody is 11 years old, brilliant, and literally trapped inside her own thoughts.  She can’t walk, talk, write, or control the movements of her own body because she was born with cerebral palsy.  What happens when she suddenly has a computer and special keyboard that allow her to communicate with others for the first time?  Melody’s story is unforgettable.

NEVEREST New Insights:  Inside Scott Fischer’s Mountain Madness Expedition by Nick van der Leek (2015).  Another look at the 1996 Everest tragedy, this time in the form of an “investigation” by a South African true-crime author and former climber uninvolved with the actual events.  He provides interesting commentary on some of the climbers, hyperlinks to more information, and his viewpoint on where things went wrong.

K2:  Surviving Three Days in the Death Zone by Wilco van Rooijen (2010).  Dutch climber van Rooijen describes his three visits to K2--1995, 2006, and the tragedy of 2008, which is when he survived three days in the death zone at a time when eleven other climbers died.  Although the logistics of climbing is covered in more detail than I cared to read, his personality and motivation shine through in his storytelling.


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