Current Little Pleasures

Celebrating my niece, Liz, and nephew's, Andrew, birthdays with them for the first time in years.  Does anyone else always see almost a shadow-like little person when you look at adults who you adored when they were children?  Guess that's the definition of "soft spot."

Halloween, which is my favorite holiday (outside of my birthday).

Watching Halloweentown with Maya.

Hallmark Channel's Countdown to Christmas is back!!!!   Okay, okay--I'm the first to say that Christmas stuff hits the stores way too soon and hard (boo, commercialism), but I love having these movies back on Halloween.

The Book Vine, a cute bookstore in my hometown, which I seem to only visit once every year or two.  Need to work on that!

Broccolini.  Like broccoli, only better.

Airy Persiflage's recent blog posts really, really make me want to go on a European cruise.  Today, please.

While unpacking boxes (yes, we're still getting settled at our new house), I found something I really love (family heirloom) and thought was lost forever.  Since the newspapers used to wrap the items in the box are all dated 2002, I can only think I packed the box when we painted our living room, put the box in the basement with others, and didn't get the box back upstairs.  Bonus reward for moving!!!

We have a neighborhood cat (tagged, belled, definitely healthy and not homeless) who visits us regularly.  Maya nicknamed the cat Mr. Loaner, and I think this is a pretty perfect almost-pet.  No vet bills, grooming duties, cleaning litter boxes, or paying for food and treats.  Just pet and love.


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Current Little Pleasures

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