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People's City Mission Starry Nights Fundraiser

Maya's dance group performed at the fundraiser for People's City Mission, our homeless shelter, this afternoon.  Here are a few of the trees being auctioned tonight.

Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans!

Here is a list of some of my blessings, aside from the usual/essential family, friends, general good health, a roof over my head, and enough to eat:

Pen Pals and Mail.
Krackle candy bars are back!
Favorite books and authors.
Maya is thriving at her new school.
Vincenzo's Ristorante.
The color black.
Movies and songs that take me back in time.
Sunflowers and Tulips.
Dunkin' Donuts' Coffee.
Eating out. Dogs, Dogs, Dogs.
Good conversations.
WiFi at home.

These are just a few of my favorite things.  How about you?

Incoming Mail--Les in Maine


Meeting Tiger Lily

My best friend recently added another four-legged beauty to her family.  Maya and I met seven-week-old Tiger Lily this afternoon.

Incoming Mail--Sue in North Carolina


Incoming Mail--Wanda in Canada


Incoming Mail--Tami in Oregon


Incoming Mail--Becky in Oregon


Recent Reads

Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper (2010).Maya and I read this book from her school library together.Melody is 11 years old, brilliant, and literally trapped inside her own thoughts.She can’t walk, talk, write, or control the movements of her own body because she was born with cerebral palsy.What happens when she suddenly has a computer and special keyboard that allow her to communicate with others for the first time?Melody’s story is unforgettable.
NEVEREST New Insights:Inside Scott Fischer’s Mountain Madness Expedition by Nick van der Leek (2015).Another look at the 1996 Everest tragedy, this time in the form of an “investigation” by a South African true-crime author and former climber uninvolved with the actual events.He provides interesting commentary on some of the climbers, hyperlinks to more information, and his viewpoint on where things went wrong.
K2:Surviving Three Days in the Death Zone by Wilco van Rooijen (2010).Dutch climber van Rooijen describes his three visits to K2--19…

Outgoing Mail--November 1-15, 2015

Cards and letters to Shane in Kansas, Claudia in California (2), my sister in Iowa, Jenn in Texas, Ann in Pennsylvania, Tami in Oregon (2), my sister in New Mexico (2), Sherri Kay in Wisconsin, Steph in Minnesota, Penny in Canada, Barbara in South Carolina (2), Wanda in Canada, Ellen in The Netherlands, and Dana in North Carolina.

Letters to Sherri Kay in Wisconsin, my sister in New Mexico, and Barbara in South Carolina.

Cards to Sue in North Carolina, Becky in Oregon, Wanda in Canada, Kym in Colorado, Greg in Nebraska, and my niece in Iowa.

Postcards to Joel in Arizona, my nephew in Iowa, Jenn in Texas, Kym in Colorado, Ann in Pennsylvania, Steph in Minnesota, Becky in Oregon, Wanda in Canada, Sherri Kay in Wisconsin, Barbara in South Carolina, my niece in New Mexico, and Shane in Kansas.

Incoming Mail--Wanda in Canada

Cheerful card and letter.



Incoming Mail--Becky in Oregon

Cute card from Becky.  The inside of the card says, "Hey, I was just thinking about you!"

Incoming Mail--Jenn in Texas

Recent postcards from Jenn.  The WWII posters are actually stickers, so I get to "re-use" this postcard multiple times.  The cat postcard fits so well with our newest family friend being a cat.  The Lost Maples State Natural Area postcard is beautiful; perfect for a fall mailing.  The girl with flowers postcard is from Flow Magazine; I can't rave enough about them!

Halloween 2015


Mr. Loaner


Incoming Mail--Tracey in Arizona

Fun vintage stamps on the front of Tracey's envelope. Back of the envelope.

Current Little Pleasures

Celebrating my niece, Liz, and nephew's, Andrew, birthdays with them for the first time in years.  Does anyone else always see almost a shadow-like little person when you look at adults who you adored when they were children?  Guess that's the definition of "soft spot."

Halloween, which is my favorite holiday (outside of my birthday).

Watching Halloweentown with Maya.

Hallmark Channel's Countdown to Christmas is back!!!!   Okay, okay--I'm the first to say that Christmas stuff hits the stores way too soon and hard (boo, commercialism), but I love having these movies back on Halloween.

The Book Vine, a cute bookstore in my hometown, which I seem to only visit once every year or two.  Need to work on that!

Broccolini.  Like broccoli, only better.

Airy Persiflage's recent blog posts really, really make me want to go on a European cruise.  Today, please.

While unpacking boxes (yes, we're still getting settled at our new house), I found something I really love …

Incoming Mail--Michele in New Mexico


Recent Reads

[A re-read of a book I originally read and enjoyed in 2014.]Hard Time by Cara McKenna (2014). Romance blooms through letters between an inmate and the public librarian who spends a day a week working with the prisoners. What happens when their relationship has the chance to become more than just one on paper? Steamy, excellent read about two imperfect people unexpectedly finding each other.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The New Jim Crow:Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander (2010).Definitely worth reading for all Americans, Alexander gets to the heart of current and historical race relations and institutionalized racism.Alexander shows that the epidemic (yes, it’s an epidemic) of black men in prison, or with criminal records, is in part due to the fact that they’re more likely to be stopped for questioning (think DWB—Driving While Black), more likely to be charged, more likely to be convicted, more likely to be given …

Outgoing Mail--October 16-31, 2015

Cards and letters to Tracey in Arizona, Penny in Canada, Tami in Oregon, Ann in Pennsylvania, Wanda in Canada, Sherri Kay in Wisconsin (2), Barbara in South Carolina, my sister in New Mexico, and Penny in Canada.

Cards to Becky in Oregon, Sue in North Carolina, Ellen in The Netherlands, Jenn in Texas, my mom, my niece in Iowa, and my niece in New Mexico, my goddaughter in Nebraska, and my nephew in Iowa.

Letters to Les in Maine, Barbara in South Carolina, my sister in New Mexico, and Wanda in Canada.

Postcards to Kym in Colorado, Joel in Arizona, Les in Maine, Becky in Oregon, Sue in North Carolina, Claudia in California, Sherri Kay in Wisconsin, and Steph in Minnesota.