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Damaged and the Saint by Bijou Hunter (2014).  The most recent release in Hunter’s Damaged series is probably my favorite book of the series.  After living through a nightmare as a child, Harlow is probably the least likely of the Damaged heroines to form a romantic relationship.  Then hired killer Saint, survivor of his own life-altering experience in a Mexican prison, comes into Harlow’s world.  Although part of a series of intertwined characters involved in a motorcycle club, this book, as specifically Harlow and Saint’s story, can be read as a standalone.

Our Souls at Night by Kent Haruf (2015).  Released after Haruf’s death, this book is a return to the small-town Eastern Colorado characters and community he captures so evocatively in one of my all-time favorite books, Plainsong.  This time around in fictional Holt, an older couple starts a relationship based on loneliness, age, and proximity that turns into something sweet and wonderful.

The Pocket Wife by Susan Crawford (2015).  Told in the alternating viewpoint of a detective investigating a murder, Jack, and one of the prime suspects, Dana, the friend of the murder victim.  Due to bipolar disorder-related memory issues, Dana doesn’t even know whether she killed her friend.  Throw in some issues with Jack’s son and also Dana’s husband, and who know what will happen at the end of this mystery?


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