Current Little Pleasures

Attending orientation at Maya's middle school last night.  Sixth grade starts tomorrow. 

Back-to-school shopping.  I love all the pens, notebooks, etc.

Moving being the perfect reason to donate/toss/recycle what we don't need or enjoy.  We still have a lot of stuff in storage even though we decluttered a lot, but downsizing brings feelings of relief.  We had way too much stuff.

Rita's Italian Ice.  So far, my favorite flavor is cotton candy.  I think it's just as well, though, the store is located near our current house, not our new house!

Blue Bloods, a TV show my mom has me watching.

I love birthdays.  We had the chance to celebrate Herb's birthday over the weekend, though his actual birthday is August 6.


phonelady said…
I love blue bloods awesome show . I hope maya has a good year in school and you make it through moving and the new house too . I pulled the trigger yesterday and made an offer on a house too must be that time of year...LOL .

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