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Current Little Pleasures

Claudia read a book I recommended!

All-City Girls' Chorus started for Maya this week.  She's official--and, yes, I may be slightly more excited about her membership than she is.

Ricki and the Flash.  Worth seeing just for Rick Springfield and Meryl Streep as a couple.

I'm back to active status on Postcrossing, and Maya and I are enjoying tracking the locations for the senders and receivers of my cards.

My favorite season, fall, is almost here.  College football.  Apples and apple cider.  Pumpkins and sunflowers.  Cooler weather, but not cold.  Bonfires and s'mores.  Sweaters.  Changing leaves. 

We closed on the sale of our house on August 17, and we don't purchase our new house until September 30.  We're really lucky to be able to stay with my mom in the (LOOOONG) interim.  Her house isn't quite made to hold four people/three generations, though.  Sometimes I really do feel like a participant in a Bravo reality TV show--minus the wardrobe and make-up stylist…

Incoming Mail--Michele in New Mexico

Card from my sister.

Incoming Mail--Tracey in Arizona

Card and back of the envelope from a new LEP pen pal.

Outgoing Mail--August 1-15, 2015

Letters to Jenn in Texas, Barbara in South Carolina, Claudia in California, my sister in New Mexico, and Wanda in Canada.
Cards and letters to my niece in New Mexico, Penny in Canada, Sherri Kay in Wisconsin, and Claudia in California.
Card to Sue in North Carolina.
Postcards to Tina in South Carolina, Sherri Kay in Wisconsin, my sister in Iowa, my sister in New Mexico, my niece in Iowa, Becky in Oregon, Jenn in Texas, and Joel in Arizona.

Recent Reads

Current Little Pleasures

Attending orientation at Maya's middle school last night.  Sixth grade starts tomorrow. 

Back-to-school shopping.  I love all the pens, notebooks, etc.

Moving being the perfect reason to donate/toss/recycle what we don't need or enjoy.  We still have a lot of stuff in storage even though we decluttered a lot, but downsizing brings feelings of relief.  We had way too much stuff.

Rita's Italian Ice.  So far, my favorite flavor is cotton candy.  I think it's just as well, though, the store is located near our current house, not our new house!

Blue Bloods, a TV show my mom has me watching.

I love birthdays.  We had the chance to celebrate Herb's birthday over the weekend, though his actual birthday is August 6.

Incoming Mail--Michele in New Mexico

Two cards from my sister.

Incoming Mail--Jenn in Texas

A letter in three postcards:  Good Luck, Galveston, and Stella Marrs.

Incoming Mail--Wanda in Canada

Rough-legged hawk card.

Outgoing Mail--July 16-31, 2015

Cards and letters to my nephew in New Mexico, my sister in New Mexico, and Wanda in Canada.

Letters to Penny in Canada, Barbara in South Carolina, Tami in Oregon, Sherri Kay in Wisconsin (3), and my sister in New Mexico.

Postcards to Becky in Oregon, my niece in Iowa, Joel in Arizona, and Postcrossing recipients.