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Interim by S. Walden (2015).  “A lot can change in the space between devising a plan and carrying it out.  That space is called the INTERIM.”  This is a very timely, difficult fictional read related to school shootings.  Did you ever think you could never identify with a school shooter?  Try this book, and you might be surprised at how much you can identify with the pain and frustration, if not the actions.  This book comes with hope and sadness, redemption and loss.  Highly recommended.

It’s All Too Much:  An Easy Plan for Living a Richer Life with Less Stuff by Peter Walsh (2006).  While not really anything earth-shattering in terms of working on decluttering, this book can serve as a good reminder to stay motivated.  I liked the concept of differentiating between “lazy clutter” (junk mail, unfiled papers, etc.) and “stored treasures” (your child’s drawings, Grandma’s collection of porcelain figurines, etc.), yet still letting go of what you don’t value and/or need in your life.  Walsh uses lots of examples from people he has helped, including framing and displaying the three favorite child’s drawings while getting rid of the rest as a way to declutter that particular stored treasure.  Probably more valuable as a loan from the library than a purchase.

Shisha Pangma:  The Alpine Style First Ascent of the Southwest Face by Doug K. Scott and Alex Macintyre (1984).  Primarily written by Scott and Macintyre, input is included throughout the book from other participants on the climb.  Macintyre’s sections read as the most open and intense, possibly because he was so young (28) and also because he died on another climb a few days after giving his first draft to Scott.  There is a lot more information about planning a climb, inter-personal relations on a diverse team, and dealing with the authority and customs of other cultures (primarily Chinese) than I’ve seen in other climbing books.  Recommended reading for anyone interested in mountaineering.


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