Happy 11th Birthday, Maya!

Opening presents at Grandma's house yesterday.

Lightbulb hunting earlier this month.

Hospital visit to check for a broken patella (just a bad bruise) on June 2.

"Enough with the photos, Mom!"  Her birthday party on May 29th.

Hanging out at Keli's house with Charlie and May on Memorial Day weekend.

Farm pond fishing with Dad in May.

Snowman at Grandma's house in February.


phonelady said…
I cannot believe it your Chihuahua looks just like mine
Limner said…
Already! You can see the face of the young-woman Maya transforming before our eyes. It's amazing to watch. I've seen it happen at the Soule's blog . . . babies becoming toddlers, becoming young ones and they're suddenly teens. What a lovely way to chart a life.

I wish we could have done this with our daughter. Albums and scrapbooks do it for us. :)
Claudia Aguilar said…
Happy Birthday to Maya, years are going by so fast aren't they? hugs to you both!

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