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Rump:  The True Story of Rumpelstiltskin by Liesl Shurtliff (2013).  Maya chose this book, which she read to me, at the public library.  Poor Rump’s mother died right in the middle of naming him, leaving him with an unfortunate name.  (Why do mothers fare so poorly in fairy tales, Disney stories, and the like?)  Now 12, Rump is able to turn straw into gold, but, of course, that brings more troubles than anything.  Pulled into a journey to break the curse placed on him, Rump leads the reader on a fun, magical adventure.

The Summit:  How Triumph Turned to Tragedy on K2’s Deadliest Days by Pat Falvey and Pemba Gyalje Sherpa (2014).  Pemba Gyalje lived through the 28-hour period in August 2008 when 11 climbers died while climbing K2, second to Mount Everest in height, yet first in death ratio.  One of the more interesting, well-written books this nonclimber has read about mountaineering.

Wrapped Around Him:  Moroad Motorcycle Club and For Life:  Moroad Motorcycle Club by Debra Kayn (2015).  During the first book in the series, Cam finds a way to bring Christina, the woman who wrote to him in prison into his life on a more permanent basis.  During the second book in the series, Cam returns to the club and Christina after another stint in prison.  Equally disturbed by the way he pulls Christina into his life and the way he treats her, including playing on her fears, I, for once, find myself completely disliking the Alpha hero.  There is still a third book to be published, and I can’t wait to read the conclusion even though I know I won’t get what I want.


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Current Little Pleasures

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