Current Little Pleasures

Always mail--incoming and outgoing!
LindaRae Jewelry, a designer in Corrales, New Mexico.  My sister gave me a pair of her earrings for my birthday.  Beautiful!
Corrales is actually one of my favorite places on the planet.  I wouldn't mind living there in an adobe with a couple of horses, a few dogs--and the husband and daughter, of course!

We started using Wen by Chaz Dean for our hair at Maya's request.  I think I like it better than she does.

Homemade waffles.  Herb bought a waffle maker for Christmas, and that was a good decision.

Maya and I are having fun locating the 51 light bulbs temporarily placed across Lincoln.  According to the Lighthouse site,

"ILLUMINATING LINCOLN: LIGHTHOUSE A Public Art Project Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Lighthouse ILLUMINATING LINCOLN: LIGHTHOUSE is a Public Art Project – modeled after such projects as the Cows on Parade in Chicago and Lincoln’s Bikes – Tour de Lincoln – and will be a part of the 25th Anniversary celebration of Lighthouse in 2015."


Claudia Aguilar said…
I stopped by Corrales website, breathtaking place by the pictures :) Waffles are always a good decision! Enjoy the little pleasures ;)

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