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A Month of Letters--Final Report

February 26--Cards to my nieces in New Mexico and Iowa.

February 27--Card and letter to Dana in North Carolina.

February 28--St. Patrick's Day cards.

I had fun tracking my outgoing mail for the month.  I'm considering making this a regular feature, instead of specific to February.  What do you think?

Incoming Mail

Beautiful thank you card from someone at work.

A Month of Letters--Progress Report 5

February 18--Postcards to Joel in Arizona.

February 19--Cards for work.

February 20--Cards to Becky in Oregon, my niece in Iowa, and my cousin in Iowa.

February 21--Cards and letters to Jen in Texas and Sherri Kay in Wisconsin.  Cards to Sue in North Carolina and Wanda in Canada.

Incoming Mail--Jackie

Birthday card from Jackie in Ohio. Yep, I turn 45 on February 23.

Incoming Mail--Christine

Postcard from Christine in Germany.

Recent Reads

My Sister's Grave by Robert Dugoni (2014). Twenty years after Tracy's sister, Sarah, disappeared, a body is found. After Sarah's disappearance, seemingly the very fabric of the small town where they lived changed, let alone the magnitude of change for Tracy, who became a homicide detective as a result, and her now-dead parents. With the discovery of the body, lots of questions come to light, including whether the man in prison is actually guilty of Sarah's kidnapping and death.

Call the Nurse: True Stories of a Country Nurse on a Scottish Isle by Mary J. MacLeod (2013). Published when MacLeod was 80, she recounts the stories from her time working as a nurse and raising a family in the conservative Scottish Hebrides of the 1970s. Sort of a nonfiction Maeve Binchy collection.

Call Me Crazy by Quinn Loftis (2013). A compassionate YA story about a girl with bipolar disorder who meets a boy in a mental institution. Part of the twist is that Tally, a patient in the institution…

Incoming Mail--Fish

A lovely surprise card and letter from Fish in Taiwan. Mailed during a visit to Nepal, travel time was about six weeks before arrival at my house. That's a long trip! For some guilt-free shopping, visit Local Women's Handicrafts. Thanks for sharing the card and link, Fish!

A Month of Letters--Progress Report 3

February 9--Cards with letters to my niece in Iowa, Sue in North Carolina, Becky in Oregon, Barbara in South Carolina, Sherri Kay in Wisconsin, Steph in Minnesota, and my niece in New Mexico. February 10--Valentines. February 11--Letters to Tami in Oregon and Sherri Kay in Wisconsin.

Incoming Mail--Sue

Another cute Mary Engelbreit card from Sue in North Carolina.

A Month of Letters--Progress Report 2

Learn more about A Month of Letters at Mary Robinette Kowal's blog.
February 5--Postcards to Joel in Arizona.
February 6--Letter to my sister in New Mexico.
February 7--Postcards to Becky in Oregon, Wanda in Canada, Les in Maine, Sherri Kay in Wisconsin, and Joel in Arizona.

A Month of Letters--Progress Report 1

Learn more about A Month of Letters at Mary Robinette Kowal's site.

February 2--Valentines

February 3--Letter to Sherri Kay in Wisconsin

February 4--Letter to Barbara in South Carolina

Let me know in the comments if you're participating, too!

Incoming Mail--Les

Card full of paper surprises and back of envelope from Les in Maine.