Current Little Pleasures

Just like I expected, Maya screamed when opening her Taylor Swift concert tickets on Christmas.  

Spending a couple of days, Friday through yesterday, at my sister's house in my hometown.  Cherokee, Iowa, is a three-hour drive from our home in Lincoln.  My sister always goes all-out for the holidays, so we enjoyed not only our time with my sister and niece, but also her beautiful decorations and a traditional Christmas turkey dinner.  The traditional dinner, albeit a day late, even came with a snowfall befitting Irving Berlin and Bing Crosby's White Christmas.

My niece is spending her spring break in Florence, Italy, as part of a college course.  How do I manage to fit in her luggage?  That's my top destination for places I haven't visited and want to see.  Guess I'll have to settle for living vicariously!

The blog Life on a Small Island.  The blogger lives on Graemsay, a Scottish island with a population of about 27.  Gorgeous photos and interesting blog posts.

I finally saw, and really enjoyed, the movie Nebraska.  Kind of dark, in a very realistic way, yet also hilarious in spots.

Hope you're finding lots to appreciate in your life right now.


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Current Little Pleasures

Current Little Pleasures

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