Current Little Pleasures

Maya and I really enjoy watching the holiday movies on the Hallmark Channel.  Their Countdown to Christmas started on Halloween this year!  A little jolting with the way the Christmas (buying, in particular) season keeps extending every year.

I'm just discovering that Susan Branch has a blog.  Now I'm not only a fan of her artwork and recipes, I think she's a wonderful blogger and photographer, too.

Pomegranate Tootsie Roll Pops.  Why were there only two in the massive mix of candy we bought for Halloween?  Yum!

Maya's fall volleyball season ended earlier this month, and she's already happily planning a spring return in hopes of having the same team and coaches.  The coaching trio, the mother/father/older sister of one of her teammates, made the season a very positive one.

The Christmas card season gave me an excuse to order some new return address labels.  I'll be posting about a couple of wonderful Etsy shops when I have my products in hand.

What are some of your current little pleasures?


phonelady said…
really good blog and yes susan branch is awesome

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Current Little Pleasures

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