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Incoming Mail--Sue

Card from Sue in North Carolina.

Outgoing Mail

A card from Gina B. Designs.  The advice is much easier to follow some days than others.
Another card from Gina B. Designs.

September 2014 Photos

Singing The Star-Spangled Banner at the LPS Board of Education meeting.

Muffin ready for bed.
Herb with Charlie.  If Muffin only knew. . . . Shirley Temple time.

Thought for the Day


Current Little Pleasures

My first friend from when I moved to Lincoln in seventh grade, Sharon, and her husband and son are adding to their family.  Sharon is in the Marshall Islands right now waiting for the necessary documents to bring her two-month-old daughter back to the United States.  So excited for them!

My book club at work.  We get together over lunch, usually, and discuss books, movies, TV, real life, work life--whatever is on our minds.  Such a fun group, and I didn't even know most of them until I started the book club. 
Autumn/fall--sunflowers, pumpkins and apple cider, bonfires, college football, Halloween and Thanksgiving, the parade of colors in the leaves.  My favorite season.
Writing letters while Maya has ballet and hip hop dance classes and volleyball practice.

Incoming Mail--Wanda

Card from Wanda in Canada.  The artwork is Nurture by Jessie King.

Maya's Art--September 13, 2014

Maya's self-portrait.
Maya's portrait of Muffin, our Shih tzu.

Allie Ford, 1/26/03-9/13/14


Incoming Mail--Sherri Kay

Card from Sherri Kay in Wisconsin.  Autumn is in the air!

Incoming Mail--Becky

Thomas Hart Benton's Indian Attack postcard from Becky in Oregon.

Incoming Mail--Sue

Mary Engelbreit card from Sue in North Carolina.