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Find You in the Dark (2012) and Light in the Shadows (2013) by A. Meredith Walters.  The author's experience as a counselor working with abused and troubled children and teens shines through in this two-book series about young, obsessive love and mental illness.  Although dark and emotionally difficult to read, Maggie and Clay's story is interesting and thought-provoking.  I like the fact that there are no easy answers, and the "solution" to mental illness isn't magically meeting The One any more than the road to happiness is finding The One, earning more money, or whatever goal you think you want to reach.  Books must be read together and in order.

Breath of Life by Christine Pope (2011).  While the first book in the Gaian Consortium Series, this is a short, stand-alone read.  This is basically a decent retelling of Beauty and the Beast in a futuristic, harsh setting.

Forever My Lady by Jeff Rivera (2013).  Despite the romantic title, this is really the story of a troubled teen who is sent to a prison boot camp.  Can he find a life outside of the gang lifestyle?  Will his girlfriend be a part of that life?


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