Current Little Pleasures

Some of the things I'm currently enjoying.

Many thanks to Kym for sending my first InkJoy pen to me.  Cool styles, smooth writing, and good prices.  I'm officially addicted!

Ask a Manager is on my daily checklist.  Along with Alison Green's great advice, just reading through the comments is also interesting.

LibraryThing is something I'm using to get my hospital library collection online.  This is also something you can use for your home collection.

The reality show Married at First Sight.  Go, Jamie and Doug!!

Vincenzo's Italian Ristorante, especially their mozzarella sticks.  Although no longer on the appetizer menu, you can still request them.

I'm spending way too much time browsing houses on Zillow, but it's so fun.

What's on your list right now?


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Current Little Pleasures

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