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Incoming Mail--Jenn

Postcard of Bryce Canyon, Utah, wild flowers from Jenn in Texas.

Incoming Mail--Angela

Lovely envelope containing a card from Angela in Missouri.

Incoming Mail--Wanda

Card from Wanda in Canada.  Bonus:  sales of this lovely card benefit the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada.

Incoming Mail--Amanda

Las Vegas postcard from Amanda, my niece, in New Mexico.

Incoming Mail--Sherri Kay

Photo card by Sherri Kay in Wisconsin.

Incoming Mail--Sue

Card from Sue in North Carolina.  Kind of nice to dream of gardens during the bleak days of winter.

Outgoing Mail--February 8, 10, & 11

Wanda in Canada--Card
Denise in South Dakota--Card and Letter
Joel in Arizona--Postcard
Laura in Iowa--Card
Shane in Kansas--Card
Sue in North Carolina--Card
Les in Maine--Card

Outgoing Mail--February 6 & 7

Shane in Kansas--Card
Shon in Nebraska--Card
Garrett in New Mexico--Card
Sherri Kay in Wisconsin--Card and Letter

Outgoing Mail--February 4 & 5

Tami in Oregon--Card & Letter
Liz in Iowa--Card
Amanda in New Mexico--Card

Random Recent Photos

My niece Liz, my niece Amanda, my sister Michele, and my sister Laura during their trip to Las Vegas over New Year's. Photo by my nephew Andrew.
Maya's "snowman" creation.
Maya won the spelling bee when her class went on a field trip to experience what a one-room schoolhouse was like.
Our cake to celebrate the Year of the Horse.

Outgoing Mail--February 3

Becky in Oregon--Card
Joel in Arizona--Postcard
Heike in Germany--Letter
Barbara in South Carolina--Card
Michele in New Mexico--Card & Letter