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Mine by Katy Evans (2013)—The first book in the series, Real, is one of my favorite romance reads ever.  This sequel leaves me feeling pretty “meh.”  I wasn’t too crazy about a couple of the situations involving other characters that were used to provide drama for Remy and Brooke’s relationship because they felt forced and artificial, especially as they had plenty going on without those issues.  I plan to stick with reading Real again the next time I want a Remy fix.

Sweet Home by Tillie Cole (2013)—Interesting debut NA (New Adult) book.  Visiting (from England) philosophy TA Molly Shakespeare and Crimson Tide (University of Alabama) starting quarterback Rome(o) Prince seem like an odd pairing at first glance.  Between instant chemistry and enough in common underneath the surface, they work perfectly.  Can they, despite strong outside forces and personal issues working against their relationship, stay together, though?

Love in the Time of the Dead by Tera Shanley (2013)—The latest read in my current fixation on zombie apocalypse books covers more than just romantic love.  Think friends, parent/child, and siblings, too.  The angle is a little different because Laney is actually immune to the zombies, and her brother and his friends since childhood want to get her to someone that can determine why and how that can be used to help the other surviving humans.


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