Dairy Queen--11/1/2013

As a small part of their work on a Simple Meals badge, Maya and her Girl Scouts troop visited Lincoln's newest Dairy Queen for a behind-the-scenes look. Being a Junior Girl Scout this year instead of a Brownie means a lot more work goes into earning each badge. For this badge, Maya still needs to write a plan for five healthy breakfasts, make a family breakfast, and spend a few hours next month making a full meal with her troop.

Photos courtesy of one of Maya's troop leaders.


Claire said…
mmmmm every little girls dream....
SapphireBlue said…
Yummy! Good luck on getting that patch. I remember helping out with that one. I got to taste the yummy treats.
Claudia Aguilar said…
OH I need Mayas help with those healthy meals!

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