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Happy Halloween!

Hello on my favorite holiday.  Hope you have fun plans if you celebrate Halloween.  I'm looking forward to taking Maya trick-or-treating this evening.  She's going as a pink-haired vampire.  I keep saying witch because I think her outfit looks like a witch one, but she insists she's a fang-less, fake-blood-less vampire. Hopefully, I'll get a decent picture or two tonight to share on this blog tomorrow.

Pumpkin Fun Run--October 19, 2013

Maya with some of the other fourth-graders from her school after they ran a mile for the Pumpkin Fun Run. This is the nation's largest cross-country run for youth, and Lincoln alone had over 3700 kids participate.
Maya isn't really into running, and I admit to being a little unsure when she asked to register. She actually had a great time, and she plans to go again next year to see if she can improve her time for the run. I said she needs to practice all year. Hey, whatever works to encourage exercising!

Incoming Mail--Eunice

How gorgeous is this view?  Strata Florida postcard from Eunice in Wales, one of my postcard pen pals found through LEP.


Maya at Vala's Pumpkin Patch, near Gretna, Nebraska. Photo by my friend Keli.

Incoming Mail--Sherri Kay

Two recent fall cards from Sherri Kay in Wisconsin.

Recent Reads

A Land More Kind than Home by Wiley Cash (2012)—Recommended.  Set in North Carolina, a new, charismatic preacher enthralls most of a town, leading to the absolute worst results.  The story unfolds from the viewpoints of a boy, a woman who sees what the preacher is really like, and the sheriff, providing a rich variety of insight into events.  My only disappointment is the way the book ended.  I guess I expected something more.
Carter Reed by Tijan (2013)—Recommended.  After killing her roommate’s mafia boyfriend, Emma seeks help from her dead brother’s childhood best friend, Carter, who she knows is involved with a rival mafia group.  Carter’s only too happy to help Emma, and not for any altruistic reasons.
The Wettest County in the World by Matt Bondurant (2009)—Recommended.  Entertaining fictionalized account of Bondurant’s grandfather and great-uncles during their bootlegging years in Prohibition-eraFranklinCounty, Virginia.  I might give a slight edge to the resulting movie, Lawless

Maya Mail

Maya and her classmates wrote letters to a woman living on her family farm here in Nebraska.  Here's Maya's letter from October 9.
Dear Erma,
Hi! My name is Maya! I'm from [insert school name]. I love pigs. I'm an only child. But I call my dad my twin because he looks exactly like me. I have a dog named Allie and another dog named Muffin. I love dogs. My other favorite animal is a moose. Do you have any animals on your farm? Did you know that every dollar in agricultural exports generates $1.54 in economic activities such as transportation, financing, warehousing, and production? Nebraska's $3 billion in agricultural exports in 2004 translated into nearly $4.7 billion in additional economic activity.
Love, Your pen pal Maya

Carmela's Bistro & Wine Bar--10/11/2013

Keli's salad during our visit to Carmela's Wine Bar & Bistro.
My bruschetta. Really delicious.
We had Better than Sex Cake for dessert.

TWD--10 Days to S4


Incoming Mail--Postcrossing

The Celebration of Svantovit by Alphonse Mucha postcard from a Postcrossing user in Czechoslovakia.