This and That

I haven't done a "this and that" post in, well, months.  I think that's directly related to sort of having a case of the "blahs."  Still, well past overdue for one, so here goes. . . .

Following a nice summer, Maya's settling into fourth grade well.  She likes the teacher she requested, and one of her two best friends is in her class.  She still sees her other best friend at recess and Girl Scouts. She's pretty "meh" about homework, though I can't blame her!  So far, she's excited to be playing the violin. (Okay, "playing" might be a stretch, but she's getting started and practicing as required.)  Other activities for this fall include volleyball (through the local YMCA) and tae kwon do (through a local academy).

Herb's work schedule is crazy.  I don't even want to think about the hours we're actually home and awake at the same time because that's too depressing.  Part of being an adult is doing what you have to do for your family, though, so no whining.

Besides work and Maya, I'm busy with some new postcard pals I found through LEP, reading (always), and going through Tumblr and fanfiction while counting down to the first episode of the new season of The Walking Dead (October 13).  The Nebraska (college football) game against Wyoming on Saturday is better left unmentioned.  I'll just note Herb, Maya, and the dogs fell asleep during the second half, and they're likely better off for doing so.

Herb and I have a goal--move to Virginia in 2014.  If anyone knows of any jobs in the Hampton area, please let me know.  Moving with at least one of us already employed would be the ideal.  Fingers crossed for us, please, for this to happen.


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