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Pomegranate is one of my favorite stops for online retail therapy.  They have a fantastic variety of notepads, postcards, bookmarks, and notecards, among other items.  (I usually buy jigsaw puzzles for my sister there, too.)  Having made numerous purchases from the site, I can say the quality of the products is first-rate, and I've never had a problem with delivery.

Right now is an especially good time to shop because of the large selection of clearance items.  Bargains include a pack of 100 assorted postcards for $14.95 and a pack of 50 assorted bookmarks for $12.95.  If you spend $75, which is incredibly easy to do, shipping is free within the U.S.

What are some of your favorite online sources for stationery shopping?

Incoming Mail--Gerdie

Postcard from Gerdie in Germany sent during her vacation in Mahdia, Tunisia.

October 13--Enough Said


Incoming Mail--Becky

Card from Becky in Oregon.  Great quote about reading!

Incoming Mail--Ellen

Postcard of Vlieland, one of the Dutch Wadden Sea Islands, from Ellen in The Netherlands.

Nebraska Cornhuskers

2-0, so far, and playing against UCLA as I type this post. Here's hoping for a good (college football) season.

Recent Reads

Margot by Jillian Cantor (2013).  Highly Recommended.  Imagine what her life like might be like if Margot Frank, older sister of Anne Frank, survived the Holocaust.  Suffering from PTSD and survivor's guilt, Margie Franklin builds a new post-war life for herself as a Polish Christian immigrant in Philadelphia.  Then Anne's diary is released, a movie is made, and Margot's past is everywhere.  What happens now?

Burial Rites by Hannah Kent (2013).  Highly Recommended.  Kent incorporates actual historical documents into her reimagining of what the final days of the last person to be executed in Iceland might have been like.  In isolated 1829 Iceland, Agnes is held on a family's farm, for lack of a prison, while awaiting her execution for two murders.  

I Had the Right to Remain Silent. . .But I Didn't Have the Ability by Ron White (2006).  Recommended. Humor from my favorite comedian isn't a bad way to pass some reading time at all.  If you enjoy his stand-up comedy…

Incoming Mail--50 States Club

Postcard of the Blessing of the Hounds in Aiken, South Carolina, from a 50 States Club swap.
Here is the Nebraska postcard I sent to her in return.
If you're a U.S. member of Postcrossing with an interest in joining the 50 States Postcard Club, just let me know.  I can send you the group coordinator's e-mail address.

This and That

I haven't done a "this and that" post in, well, months.  I think that's directly related to sort of having a case of the "blahs."  Still, well past overdue for one, so here goes. . . .

Following a nice summer, Maya's settling into fourth grade well.  She likes the teacher she requested, and one of her two best friends is in her class.  She still sees her other best friend at recess and Girl Scouts. She's pretty "meh" about homework, though I can't blame her!  So far, she's excited to be playing the violin. (Okay, "playing" might be a stretch, but she's getting started and practicing as required.)  Other activities for this fall include volleyball (through the local YMCA) and tae kwon do (through a local academy).

Herb's work schedule is crazy.  I don't even want to think about the hours we're actually home and awake at the same time because that's too depressing.  Part of being an adult is doing what y…