Maya's Schedule

Here's a peek at Maya's regular day during fourth grade:

8:45-9:00    Arrive at school  (Children who eat breakfast at school and/or attend the on-site daycare arrive earlier.)

9:00-9:05    Opening and Announcements

9:05-9:50    Daily reviews

9:50-11:40   Reading  (Maya's favorite part of the day.)

11:40-12:00  Lunch  (Another favorite time for Maya--socializing.)

12:00-12:15  Recess  (Ditto on social time.)

12:15-1:00    Unit Studies  (Rotates through lessons on topics involving subjects such as science, social studies, and history.)

1:05-1:55      Specials  (Music-P.E.-Art-Computer in rotation, one per day.)

1:55-3:35      Math

3:38              Dismissal

She goes to the school library every Tuesday, though I didn't think to ask her when that fits into the daily schedule.

So far, the year is off to a positive start.


Claudia Aguilar said…
I am happy to hear the school year started well. That is a busy schedule but I am glad she has time for a social life :)
Sounds like the year is off to a good start for your kids, too. I think Maya will always find time to socialize!
SapphireBlue said…
It will be great for her to have a routine.

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