Lancaster County Fair--8/6/2013

Maya and Herb on his birthday. What a nice dad to spend his birthday at the midway.

Maya went on Zero Gravity seven or eight times in a row. 

Maya went on Fire Ball twice. Herb and I saw a lot of change falling from riders' pockets on this one.

Prices: $25 for a ride wrist band (or $1 per ticket with most rides three tickets), $3 for parking, $2 for fair admission (or free advance tickets), $5 corn dog, $4 for a large sno cone, $3 for bottled water, $6 funnel cake.


SapphireBlue said…
Unfortunately, going to the fair isn't cheap anymore. I'm glad you had a good time.
Isn't that the truth, SapphireBlue. I remember going to the county fair every day as a kid, though that didn't always involve the midway. Okay, that was ~35 years ago, but still. . . . Definitely more affordable then.

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